Youth Peace Rally : ‘No room for strategic mistakes for Pakistan in peace-building’

Youth Peace Rally :  ‘No room for strategic mistakes for Pakistan in peace-building’

LAHORE: The speakers and participants of a ‘Youth Peace Rally’ on Sunday called upon the government to remember the victims of terrorism while brokering peace accord in the country.
The rally was organised by the National Commission of Justice and Peace (NCJP), however due to security reasons it was concluded just after a seminar at St. Anthony Church. 
Director NCJP Peter Jacob, National Director NCJP Emmanuel Yousuf Mani, Deputy Director South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP PK) Irfan Mufti, human rights activists, representative of NGOs and a large number of youth were present on occasion. 
Speakers said the plight of the victims should rather be given credence in any dialogue with their proper representation in it. Speakers said that youth in Pakistan should prepare themselves to shoulder the responsibility to respond to the situation with understanding and ownership.  
Irfan Mufti stressed the need of unity and promoting peace as a nation. 
He said, “Only if Pakistan can be free from discrimination on the basis of caste, color or creed, will provide it the basis for durable peace.” 
He added that the people of Pakistan would stand behind bold and wise decisions rather than adhoc policy towards the matters of life and death such as extremism. 
Peter Jacob said that role of youth in peace promotion and social harmony was crucial in the context of Pakistan because of their size in their national demography and crumbling conventional social and political structures. 
He emphasised that the need to develop a clearer appreciation of the imminent risks involved in handling the situation with loose hands. He said, “Pakistan cannot afford to make the ideological or strategic mistakes while dealing with peace building.”
Emmanuel Yousuf, emphasising the need to strive to work together in harmony for a better Pakistan, said that NCJP would continue to use all forums and all means for cultivating peace in the country. 
At the end, youth took a collective oath vowing to become ambassadors of peace and promote tolerance in their respective milieus. While balloons and doves were also released forming human image of peace.

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