Opp seeks clarification from PM over Imran Khan’s statement

* Rabbani says statement indicates army does not have capacity to root out terrorism
Opp seeks clarification from PM over Imran Khan’s statement

ISLAMABAD: Opposition legislators in Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday asked the government to send Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Senate to clarify the statement given by PTI chief Imran Khan about the outcome of military operation against Taliban and its success chances of 40 percent. 
On a point of order PPP leader Senator Mian Raza Rabbani informed the House that leader of a political party, without mentioning any name, said that the prime minister has told him that if the government launches a military operation against Taliban in tribal areas, there are 40 percent chances of its success which, according to him, means that Pakistani forces do not have the capacity to fully root out the menace of terrorism. 
Rabbani said this statement is tantamount to demoralising the armed forces and the state. “It means that we are going to surrender half the state in the peace talks with Taliban,” he said. He said that Imran Khan had in a TV programme stated that during a meeting the prime minister had quoted the former army chief as saying that there are 40 percent chances of success of an operation in FATA. The parliamentarians took serious note of the statement of Imran Khan and demanded the government clarify it either through the prime minister himself or any of the cabinet members. Rabbani also demanded that the prime minister end his boycott of Senate and take the senators into confidence over these important issues. 
Afrasiab Khattak of the ANP and Babar Ghauri of the MQM emphasised that the prime minister should himself come to the House and brief it on the ongoing situation as well as respond to the statement of Imran Khan. In response to the points raised by the opposition Leader of the House in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq expressed pain and shock over the statement of Imran Khan and said it needs to be probed what was the context and background of the statement. 

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