President urges unity to revive Pakistan’s image

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain Tuesday said the nation would have to revive Pakistan’s image in the world by forging unity regardless of ethnic, provincial and racial associations.
Addressing a ceremony held in connection with the Independence Day, titled ‘Salam Pakistan’ held at the Presidency, the president said the golden principles of unity, faith and discipline could only help us overcome all issues and succeed in any ordeal.
“Today we direly need unity as it can help us face all challenges and run the country according to the thought and aspirations of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” he said.
He congratulated the participants of the ceremony and paid homage to the artists and children and lauded the services of Pakistan Television saying that the participation of youngsters and inculcation of objectives of Pakistan was encouraging.
He said August 14 was a milestone in national history as it reminded us the sacrifices and struggles of our sages that made us an independent nation.
He said the day also revived the memories of those who rendered the sacrifices for the stability of the country.
President Mamnoon said the objective of Pakistan’s creation was not just to get a piece of land rather to form an independent state where the constitution, law and the democracy would be supreme and everyone practiced his religion freely.
He said Independence Day also demanded us to fulfil the responsibilities for making more stable and prosperous Pakistan that should be free from nepotism, bribery and terrorism.
He said we should also strive for a Pakistan where everyone’s life would be safe and ensure its deliverance from conservative mindset promoting extremism.
The president said it was encouraging that the country has achieved success in strengthening and stabilizing the democracy as a democratic country was engaged in serving the people.
He said the public representatives were also striving for national development, public welfare, execution of Quaid-i-Azam’s dreams and enriching the image of Pakistan in the comity of nations.
He said today, the national institutions were not only fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities but also heading towards progress and stability.
The president said we were celebrating the Independence Day amidst the situation when our armed forces were fighting the enemies and Operation Zarb-e-Azb manifested our firm resolve for Pakistan’s security.
“Our soldiers are sacrificing their lives to protect our freedom. On this occasion, we should recognize the sacrifices of those who had exhibited their support to the armed forces by leaving their homes proving that they were against all sorts of terrorism,” the president remarked.
He said besides paying tribute to the sacrifices of martyrs of Pakistan Movement, we also respect the sacrifices of our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for security of country’s geographical and ideological boundaries.
“Our martyrs sacrificed their lives to safeguard our future.  The whole nation would never ignore their great favour,” the president said.
“Today, we should vow to make Pakistan a peaceful land by promoting tolerance and harmony. We should also pledge to make this country a dignified land and make this green flag a symbol of progress. We should also pledge to put Pakistan on the track of economic independence by ensuring its deliverance from economic difficulties,” he said.
He also congratulated the whole nation on this occasion and prayed for making Pakistan a prosperous country in the years to come.

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