Parliamentarians regret alleged neglect of IDPs

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, the parliamentarians in the Upper House regretted that in the ongoing political turmoil the government had totally neglected the FATA’s internally displaced persons (IDPs), who were displaced for the sake of the country’s safety.
They said, the entire government machinery is focusing to save Lahore and has put all other important matters on the back.
The senators suggested the government to avoid confrontation with participants of the long march, which is scheduled for August 14 in the capital. Continuing the debate over Raza Rabbani’s motion to discuss the imposition of Article 245 in Islamabad, PPP Senator Taj Haider said, “Invoking Article 245 suspends high court power and basic human rights of the people. He also claimed that the government has initiated the politics of confrontation making court cases against PPP leaders like Yousaf Raza Gilani, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and others. “In such an uncertain situation, third-party forces may take advantage and establish dictatorship for the next 10 years,” he warned. However, he assured that the PPP would continue its struggle for supremacy of parliament and democracy in the country.
Former interior minister Rehman Malik said, “Holding protest demonstration by Imran Khan is his political right and he should be allowed to do so. The government should not stop PTI’s protest by force and regretted that the ruling party termed PPP’s support as dual policy.” He suggested the government to hold meaningful dialogues with the protestors and if necessary help may be taken from Asif Ali Zardari, who has expertise in dealing such situations. “The government may fail but democracy should not fail in the country,” he added.
“The timing of invoking Article 245 in Islamabad was not proper,” said Awami National Party (ANP) leader Afrasiab Khattak, asking, what has the government done to stop terrorism in the country.
“Has the government made any anti-terrorism legislation?” he questioned. He warned that the regional situation is changing and that China has also appointed an adviser for Afghanistan like western countries and it has serious concerns over terrorism. “If Pakistan’s relation with China were disturbed it would be dangerous for the country because Pakistan does not have good relations with other neighbouring countries,” he added.
Karim Ahmad Khawja warned the government of the Durand Line issue arising if democracy derailed and political confusion continues in the country. Separate forces are actively operating in Balochistan and Sindh provinces. “Islamabad should be made Paris but never as Kabul,” he maintained. Senator Kalsoom Parveen was of the view that the government has to make the Electrol Reforms Committee earlier so that the people may engage in election reforms. Now when the political situation had worsened, the government was forming the committee. In the scheduled protest rally, she said if a few people died then democracy would be destroyed along with the country.
PPP Senator Abdul Qayyum Soomro assured the government from high ups of the party that they will support the government to complete its tenure for the sake of democracy. However, the government made certain mistakes as not a single word with the government was said for killing 14 innocent workers of PAT in Model Town. Another PPP Senator Saeed Ghani said any person who advised the government to take action in model town, remove the barriers was actually the government and democracy’s enemy. The government has to remove fears from their hearts because the system is not so weak to remove the government with just one long march.
Winding up the debate, the Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sheikh Aftab told the senators that conspiracy hatches against elected governments. However, he said, “Today all major political parties united against undemocratic forces. It is regretted that a Canadian national comes here and creates problems for democracy.” The minister also suggested the brothers that family disputes do not go against rule of law. He questioned, “If the mandate of incumbent government was not right, why did the PTI MNAs took oath in the NA. He requested to save Pakistan for God’s sake, which was put on a path of development. The minister said that the Article 245 was invoked for safety of sensitive buildings and installations.

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