Imran, Taliban, Qadri in ‘strategic partnership’: Pervaiz Rasheed

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Pervaiz Rasheed said on Wednesday that democratic and national institutions along with the people of Pakistan would jointly counter the “strategic partnership” between Imran Khan, Taliban and Canadian national Tahirul Qadri.
Rasheed accused Imran Khan of becoming a strategic partner of the Taliban militants. “Taliban are bent upon damaging the defence institutions of the country and Imran is after the politicians of the country,” the minister said while talking to newsmen after attending a ceremony. Pervez also criticised cleric Tahirul Qadri and called him “Imran’s mentor”. “Qadri is also landing (in Pakistan) to attack the constitution of the country,” Rasheed said.
“The PTI chief targeted the democratic institutions at a rally on Saturday night, while the Taliban attacked the Karachi airport on Sunday night,” he added. “Imran does not leave any opportunity to defame the democratic institutions, while the Taliban attack the national institutions, and their third partner, Tahirul Qadri, is coming to Pakistan to attack the democratic parliamentary system and the constitution,” he added. 
But, he said, “Both the democratic and security institutions and the masses will foil their nefarious designs. Their partnership will bite the dust as the democratic institutions, including parliament, and defence and security institutions will be protected at all costs.” Rasheed said that Tahirul Qadri was an established liar. He said that in the 1990s, “Qadri had staged a drama of fake attempt on his life by using blood of a goat”. However, his lie was exposed by the judicial tribunal, he added. The minister said it appeared that Qadri was going to “stage a similar drama again”.
About the action against the Taliban, Rasheed said that the state would resort to use of full force to counter elements that are endangering the peace of the country. “We will talk to the elements resorting to bullets for the implementation of their agenda in the same language,” the minister declared. He vowed that the government would take all necessary steps to counter the dangers it faces from any corner. “We will only talk to those who surrender, and wipe out those who will talk in the language of rifle,” Rasheed said.
Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal asked Tahirul Qadri to revisit his plan to lodge a protest against the government. “If he had a bit of sympathy with the people of the country, he should not have gone abroad in 2013,” Iqbal said. He hoped that for the sake of democracy and country, Qadri would reconsider his plan to come to Pakistan and take to the streets.

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