NADRA refutes Imran’s rigging claim

ISLAMABAD: NADRA has taken notice of PTI Chairman, Imran Khan’s press briefing where he reproached NADRA again for allegedly manipulating election material in the basement of the COMSATS building.
NADRA spokesman, rejecting PTI chief’s claim, said, “NADRA has repeatedly clarified about its facility at the COMSATS building that was hired by NADRA Deputy Chairman Tariq Malik in April 2011 to carry out Electoral Rolls printing for Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He said, “Inspite of a number of clarifications published in all media, PTI chief still continues to harp on the same tune and repeat the same unfounded and baseless information that is tantamount to discrediting NADRA’s credibility.” In a statement issued on Monday, the spokesman said that there is no room for anyone to manipulate election material because the polling bags containing photo-electoral lists and counterfoils are opened in Election Tribunal Representative’s presence and the same is scanned before re-packing and re-sealing of polling bags, adding, “Once the scanning is completed, the election material is returned to the corresponding Election Tribunal through its representative.”
“The same facility has been visited by the then-Acting Chief Election Commissioner Justice Shakir Ullah Jan and along with Secretary ECP in April 2012,” he said, adding, “We repeat our invitation to Imran Khan and his party to visit the COMSATS building along with media personnel and anyone else that he chooses to see for themselves that the statements that are being made on this account are not only unjust, untrue but also a figment of his imagination.”

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