Alliance with Qadri damaged PTI’s credibility: Marvi

ISLAMABAD – Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting Marvi Memon on Tuesday reminded the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) of its political and democratic obligations and advised its leadership to dissociate from Dr Tahirul Qadri.

Speaking in the National Assembly on the present political situation, she said that alliance with Qadri would damage the credibility of PTI if its leaders did not act sanely. She asked both the leaders (Qadri and Imran Khan) not to understand them as omnipotent.

"They are hit by power phobia and do not acknowledge the Election Commission of Pakistan, judiciary and parliamentary committees. Even no genuine political party is ready to stand with them. They are continuously living in a state of denial and even do not care for the opinion of their political allies."

"What kind of responsibility it is that on one side they are sitting in the Parliament while on the other they are conspiring against the same Parliament and the system," she added. "Marches and calls for revolution will do no good to the country and nation rather these will lead to anarchy."

She questioned as to who would be responsible for law and order when thousands of protesters were brought to the Capital. "They are even not ready to discuss the security modalities with the administration during the march and sit-in.

Why they are exposing their workers to sabotage activities at a time when a backlash is expected in the wake of operation against terrorism." She made it categorically clear that the government would stay for five years. "We accept their mandate, but they do not respect the mandate of others."

She criticized the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for failure in achieving its target in the health and education sector, and payment of salaries. The provincial government had also failed to contribute its share for caring the displaced families while the Punjab government had successfully fulfilled its responsibility in this regard, she added.

She said all the parties had agreed on voters lists, constitution of the ECP as well as the caretaker governments. But, once the PTI lost election and could not form the government, its leaders started telling that the election was rigged.

"Now they are also in the tribunals but without waiting for decisions they are poised to marches and strikes. Why they are not waiting for the decisions when the tribunals have already decided 73 percent petitions, which is better than the past," she added.

She said the government had constituted a parliamentary committee for electoral reforms. "Come and sit in this committee and bring in reforms through the Parliament instead of creating anarchy in the country." She termed Qadri-Imran alliance a deadly one and questioned that why Imran Khan needed Qadri's support when his party was democratic and participated in elections.

"Qadri is an irrelevant chapter in the present democratic system, who will harm the PTI's reputation." She addressed to the PTI and said, "You are not a mafia gang or terrorist group. Then why are you with Qadri. You are sitting in the Parliament and also marching against it. Does it not mean that you do not own all assemblies except the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. If you do not like it then resign."

She said had there been democracy in the country then there was a justification to give a call for revolution. "Why are you with Qadri? Don't you believe in democracy and the Constitution. You owe the responsibility to democracy and democratic system then why do you desire to dethrone a politically elected government."

Marvi said the doors of government were open for negotiations. "We do not have any ego. We believe in dialogue and expect that democratic forces will act democratically."

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