Terror attacks: govt, finally, feels need to review security strategy

* Nisar says civilian as well as military leadership, civil society and media have to be on same page to steer country out of security crisis

ISLAMABAD: In the backdrop of the terrorist attacks on the Karachi airport and pilgrims in Tafan, Balochistan, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday suggested putting in place new security options to combat the growing threat of terrorism and extremism in the country.
“We now need to review security options in place so far,” Nisar stated while giving a policy statement in the National Assembly about the terrorist attacks on the old terminal of the Karachi airport and Shias pilgrims in Balochistan before the House adopted two resolutions to condemn what it termed heinous and inhumane acts. Nisar, however, pointed out that all the four provinces have to agree on the lowest common dominator if the security options are reviewed.
Interior Minister Nisar said there is a need for the provinces to realise their responsibilities, as after the 18th Amendment they have more powers and resources. The interior minister, who came under sharp criticism by the lawmakers on Monday, appeared calm at the start of his speech, but later warned the political rivals not to exploit the situation for political point-scoring, as the crisis is of a grave nature.
“We are facing a serious security situation,” Nisar pointed out. “If you want to talk constructively by putting aside politics then we can move forward because terrorist elements also want to create a rift in the country along with striking its various corners,” he said. Nisar also emphasised the need for the civil, military leadership, political leadership, civil society and media to be on one page to steer the country out of the current situation. He reiterated that point-scoring for the sake of politics would not serve any purpose. 
He said that during the last eleven months as the interior minister he had lot to blame the provincial governments for, but did not do so. He pointed out that even the intelligence threat report was sent to the Sindh government in March this year which stated that terrorists were planning to attack the airport installations by entering through the same gate that they used to storm out of the airport. Sharing details of the terrorist attack at the Karachi airport, Nisar informed the House that ten terrorists, divided in two groups of five, carried out the attack. He said seven of them were hunted down in two and a half hours because of prompt action of law enforcing agencies, while three blew themselves up.

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