‘Imran should announce army fighting Pakistan’s war’

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Pervaiz Rashid on Tuesday said PTI Chairman Imran Khan should clearly announce that armed forces were fighting war of Pakistan and its people, and not fighting for the United States.
Speaking in a television programme, he said, “It amounts to insult of the martyrs and hurts feelings of their families when it is said that Pakistan is fighting war for America.” 
Pervaiz Rashid said whatever steps were taken by the armed forces were in the best interest of the country. 
Imran Khan had been saying at PTI’s public meetings that Pakistan was fighting the war of America, he noted.
He said the attackers at airport wanted to paralyse Pakistan and they could have destroyed and hijacked aeroplanes and destroyed infrastructure as well. 
The attackers wanted that no aircraft could take-off for a long time from the airport, but their nefarious designs were foiled by valiant Pakistani forces. 
The minister paid tribute to the sacrifice, courage and capability of the security forces as they dealt with the attackers within hours.
To a question, the minister said it would be premature to comment about the usage of Indian weapons in the attack at the airport, as the matter was to come under investigation. 
However, whoever perpetrated the cowardly attack on the airport could never be a friend of Pakistan. 
Responding to a question that the present Cabinet did not speak in a single voice on issues, the minister said Pakistan Muslim League (N) was a democratic party which not only promotes difference of opinion but also respects each other’s views on various issues, which is the very essence of democracy.
The Minister said consensus was created to hold talks with the militants and if some groups wanted to talk, it was advisable to hold dialogue with them, but if some groups wanted to fight, the government had no other option but to fight them.
The attack on Karachi was a clear proof that the militants did not want to hold talks, he added. 
Responding to a question about the prime minister’s visit to India, he said issues of over 65 years with India, could not be resolved in a single meeting of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with his Indian counterpart. 
“It was better to visit India. We have to explore avenues to engage the new leaderships in Afghanistan and India,” he added. 

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