PM hits out at Qadri, dismisses his political power, ability to start a revolution

Nawaz wants to know ‘behind the scene’ characters *Says he can laugh at ‘agendas’

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that those talking about revolution weren’t pulling legs of the government but the nation and questioned as to who was behind the calls for revolutions and marches in Pakistan.

“I can’t help but laugh at agendas of these long marches,” Nawaz said this indirectly referring to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT). “It hurts and confuses me – who has given them these agendas and what they want to do with this country,” he questioned.

The prime minister said all the parties having mandate of the people were united on upholding of the constitution, ensuring basic rights to the people, development and elimination of terrorism. The prime minister was speaking at an event organised for the launch of his economic Vision 2025.

Nawaz said that the government talks of getting out of crises while Tahirul Qadri was propagating for revenge. He said the slogans of revolution and long march have brought the stock market down. “Have we not learned lessons from what this country has suffered? The constitution has been uprooted, rule of law has been flouted…we suffered billions of dollars losses. Who sowed the seeds of terrorism,” he asked.

“Who is going to hold them accountable,” he again questioned and said countries have suffered under dictatorships and that the future of Pakistan lies in democracy. Hitting out at Tahirul Qadri, Nawaz dismissed his political power and ability to start a revolution. “If you get 40 to 500 votes in an election, it will not bring a revolution,” the prime minister said.

He said the elected members of the National Assembly have been given a mandate by the citizens of the country and that they were united in their focus on a prosperous and safe Pakistan where the rule of law was upheld. Nawaz said there was definite improvement on the economic front, and that this success of his government in one year was not a small feat.

“This is not a small thing in a country where a man from Canada is calling for a revolution; where the economy is in tatters and there is terrorism,” he said. Nawaz asked what his government was being blamed for, and said those calling for a revolution should be clear about their objectives. “We already have that revolution of the people... democracy is that revolution.”

The prime minister said continuation of democratic system was the only way to steer the country out of all challenges. He said the nation would have to decide at this point of time that change can only be brought through vote and in a democratic manner. He said dictatorship has only brought destruction to Pakistan while fruits of prosperity can only be reaped in democracy.

Nawaz said the nation stands together today for peace and nobody was supporting the revolution of Tahirul Qadri like politically-failed elements. He said there was no logic or reason behind the revolution and long march as these (things) sabotage the process of economic development but the government was determined to continue to pursue the path of development. He said the people have elected the PML-N to power and the government will live up to their expectations at all costs.

He said if somebody wants to go ahead with the long march, then it should be for the solidarity and not for creating division in the nation. “If there are shortcomings in the policies of the government, these can be removed by sitting on table of negotiations.” Nawaz said the people have given mandate to the PML-N government and it would fulfill its agenda of development to transform the country into a cradle of peace and prosperity.

Earlier, the prime minister inaugurated different projects under Vision 2025 including 10 billion rupees National Human Development Endowment Fund, five billion rupees Technological Development Fund and one billion rupees Science Farming Scheme.

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