‘Islamic Shariah through armed struggle not justified in Pakistan’

*Siraj says govt-Taliban peace talks should not be suspended in any way

PESHAWAR – Jamaat-e-Islami chief Siraj ul Haq has said that enforcement of Shariah (Islamic laws) through armed struggle is not justified because where there is democratic order in place and power corridors can be reached through ballot then bringing the change through bullet is not lawful.

“In Pakistan, dawaat and tableegh (preaching) is open. There are no restrictions on public meetings and processions and any one can reach corridor of power through ballot. So there should be no need to launch any armed movement,” he told BBC here on Saturday.

When asked some time back Jamaat too believed in armed struggle but it has now spurned this policy, he said that not only Jamaat but the entire nation had jointly supported Afghan jihad against Russia. “Jihad is an ocean which has multiple meaning. Waging war against poverty, ignorance and price hike is jihad too,” he said.

“Therefore, every Muslim should be mujahid (holy warrior). This is commandment of Almighty Allah to wage jihad. Will we abandon Allah’s injunction on someone’s bidding. No we will never do so. He said in unequivocal terms no system other than Islamic system can run in Pakistan. This all is part of the constitution for which our forefathers have rendered unprecedented sacrifices,” he said.

“Bangladesh separated from Pakistan because their rights were not given to the people of then East Pakistan. Sense of deprivation prevails in Balochistan and Karachi too today and situation is worse therein due to this reason. The situation can improve if Islamic system is enforced in Pakistan,” he stressed. He also said that peace talks between the government and Taliban should not be suspended in any way because it was beneficial to all.

To a question that minorities and activists of human rights are being targeted in Pakistan but the religious parties are demonstrating a ‘criminal silence’ over it, the Jamaat leader said that his party not only condemns the killing of innocent people in strong terms but it demands of the government to arrest the persons involved in such incidents forthwith. Calling minorities in the name of minorities is itself wrong because this word creates sense of deprivation.

“I say these non-Muslims as Pakistani community and protecting their lives and property is first and foremost responsibility of the government which cannot be compromised,” he said.


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