PTI demands vote recount, not mid-term

Imran says govt will responsible for any agitation or anarchy

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan warned on Saturday that the government would be held responsible for any agitation or anarchy if demonstrators are stopped from participating in the May 11 rally in the federal capital.

Speaking at a press conference along with Javed Hashmi here, Imran said that democracy would be at the risk of being derailed if the government attempts to hold back PTI workers from taking part in the protest. He said the PML-N would be responsible for the reaction if their democratic right to protest was subverted through state power and unlawful means.

He said that through administrative machinery, transporters were being pressurized not to book vehicles for the PTI rally while the government circles were making false statements over TV channels. The PML-N should learn to speak truth, he said, adding that they were not demanding mid-term elections but seeking recounting of votes in four constituencies.

He appealed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to play the match under impartial empires. He said he was able to appoint neutral empires in the game of cricket and would do his best to get neutral empires appointed in the Election Commission. He said that the rulers were running advertisements of artificial prosperity through its favourite channel at the cost of poor taxpayers' money.

Imran said that that a private TV channel has become the media cell of PML-N and getting maximum ads. He said that the government was issuing cards to journalists to prevent impartial coverage of the PTI rally pointing out that there was no condition for cards for PTV and Geo TV.

About threats during the rally, Imran was of the view that it was an attempt to fail the protest. He questioned why anyone would attack them when they were supporters of peace. He said the spirit of the workers cannot be defeated by the news of danger of terrorism. He said he would give the future course of action, charter of demands and the timeframe for its fulfillment at the Sunday meeting.

He said the government has sealed the entire area but the PTI workers will reach the venue. He said he has directed the PTI workers to stay peaceful but they will reach D-Chowk come what may. "Nobody can stop the start of the movement to create a new Pakistan in which transparent electoral system will be in place,” he said.

Imran urged people to attend the rally in great number for true democracy in the country. Javed Hashmi warned that if any attempt was made to stop their peaceful rally, they would not remain silent as they are not adoring the bangles.



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