Nawaz vows to ensure rule of law at all costs

* PM says the powerful used to get scot-free from the clutches of law in the past
Nawaz vows to ensure rule of law at all costs

BAHAWALPUR: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Thursday he would ensure rule of law in the country at all costs.
Addressing a large number of young male and female students from Rahim Yar Khan Lodhran and Bahawalpur, the prime minister said the public had entrusted him with their confidence and it was his responsibility, being an elected representative, to ensure rule of law. Prime Minister Nawaz regretted that in the past, the powerful used to escape from the clutches of law. “Those societies cannot progress that have a different criteria of justice for the powerful,” he said.
Nawaz said had the rule of law continued, Pakistan would have progressed in all spheres. He said the Youth Business Scheme was the first step towards making the country self-reliant and proud. The prime minister said the scheme had nothing to do with politics, but was in national interest. He said the government initiated the Rs 100 billion scheme despite numerous constraints. He said it was for the first time in country’s history that the youth had been empowered.
Nawaz dispelled the impression in some sections of society that it was not a workable scheme. The prime minister, who has been visiting various parts of the country to encourage the youth to join the ambitious scheme, said it was designed to bring about a revolution in the country, encourage entrepreneurship and generate employment. He said the scheme was designed to provide 50 percent of loans to women so that they could play their due role in national development and progress.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said the politics of today was far different from that in the past. Presently, he said, there were numerous challenges that the country was facing, including extremism and terrorism, load shedding of electricity and gas, while unemployment and corruption were rampant. He attributed all these ills to the “poor practices” of the previous governments, however claimed that his government was bravely confronting these challenges and would bring about a major change in the days ahead. 

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