‘Islam religion of peace’

ISLAMABAD: Islam is a religion of peace and its teachings always rejected the violence against humanity and preached against the terrorism, former prime minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani said while addressing the concluding ceremony of annual Urs at Mohra Sharif.
Former prime minister said the mystics of Subcontinent played a vital rule in the expansion of Islam in the area and always preached for love and peace. He further said we believed that the mystics played important rule during the creation of Pakistan and they will also protect it from the conspiracies devised by the enemies. Pir Haroon-U-Rashid on the occasion said Pakistan is the fort of Islam but unfortunately, terrorism, extremism and nepotism have plagued it. He further said Islam always preached against the violation of human rights and violence against human being.
Pir of Mohra Sharif added that for development it is essential to curb the culture of terrorism and promote peace in society. Pir Harron praised Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and prayed for the recovery of his abducted son Syed Ali Haider Gilllani. Shahzada Pir Jamal former minister, former deputy speaker National AssemblyFaisal Karim Kundi, notables of local area and a huge gathering of the believers and Mohra Sharif lovers attended the annual Urs.

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