Opp senators’ stage walk-out against Article 245 imposition

* Senate unanimously passes resolution against Israeli atrocities in Gaza

ISLAMABAD: The united opposition in Upper House of Parliament on Friday staged a walk out in protest against the imposition of Article 245 in Islamabad while the government claimed that it was only security of sensitive installations in the capital.
Before, the walked out addressing the house, PPP Senator Raza Rabbani demanded of the government to immediately withdraw Article 245 from the federal capital as it suspends the basic fundamental rights of the citizens. After big incidents of terrorism in Islamabad, the interior minister claimed that quick response force has been created and now Islamabad is a safe city. So in presence of such quick response force, why the government invoke article 245 in the capital, Rabbani questioned. He claimed black history associated with invoking of Article 245 in the country. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto also invoked it but later he termed his decision was wrong. The situation of Islamabad is not worsening than Wana and Waziristan, if Article 245 could not invoke there, then there was no need to invoke in Islamabad.
“All the political parties have supported the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO) in both the houses of the parliament then what was the need to impose Article 245 and summon the army forces in the capital,” he held. Rabbani was of the view that in presence of the PPO, where the government has unlimited power, it should not have imposed Article 245 in Islamabad as it suspends the basic rights of the citizens.
He maintained that the opposition members also held a meeting with the prime minister a couple of days before where the demanded to withdraw Article 245. It is not a good sign for an elected democratic government to impose Article 245. Rabbani said the combined senators demanded of the government to withdrawn the imposition of Article 245 and as a protest we walked out against it. Later, the MQM senators also walked out separately against the imposition of Article 245. Independent Senator Hamyun Mandokhel opposed the imposition of Article 245 and demanded of the government to withdrawn it.
Later, Federal Minister for SAFRON Lt Gen (Retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch claimed that wrong impression was presented about the implementation of Article 245. This was imposed only to safeguard the sensitive installation including diplomatic enclave, PM house, parliament house, Pakistan Radio, PTV etc. Article 245 invoked as a lost resort if required. He assured the House that arm forces will not be used to disburse any political rally in the capital because it was not in their mandate.
Earlier, condemning Israeli brutalities in Palestine at Gaza, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution and demanded to call on international foreign ministers The content of the resolution was: the state of Pakistan condemns in the strongest terms the continuing genocide of the people of Gaza more particularly the children and women. It is recalled that Israel the aggressor continues to attack homes, schools, mosques, hospitals and target women and children in blatant violation of the Geneva Convention and international laws.
It is noted that these acts of Israel continue unabated and are a deliberate defiance of obligations that international law imposes on state and falls within the category of crime against humanity and state terrorism. It is regretted that Western Capitals, UN and world leaders have failed to have this genocide stopped. It is disturbing that Muslims countries and he OIC are unmoved. Raja Zafarul Haq, Leader of the House, supported the resolution and condemned Israel’s aggression against the innocent people of Gaza Strip and said that it was a crime against humanity. He said that the entire Muslim world should unite against Israel and generously provide all possible help to Palestine in upcoming OIC meeting on Monday.
ANP’s Haji Adeel said that he has been to Gaza two years ago and he was surprised to know that all sort of aids come to Palestine through Israel. He said that this is the third time that Israel has attacked on Palestine urging the Muslim world to seek out the solution of Gaza Strip permanently. Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that Pakistan and Palestine has historically relations which cannot be ignored any way. He said that Pakistan has helped Gaza in the past and now the time has come to stand up Muslim world against Israel’s brutality. Abdul Rauf said that all Muslims should give a collective response to Israel’s atrocity against Palestine. 
PPP Sardar Ali Khan said that it a common impression that USA is a sole super power in the world but in fact it is Israel which is controlling the whole business of the world through its strategic planning. He condemned America for supporting Israel. Col. Mashhidi termed the Israel as a monster as it is killing unarmed and defensive less people of Palestine inhumanly. He said that it is time to stand against Israel practically instead of making speeches. Begum kalsoom gave a religious version about the Israel and urged the international organization to stop Israel’s aggression against Gaza Strip on immediate basis. Maulana Haidri appealed to convene a Muslims leader’s summit which should force UN to ease the tension between Palestine and Israel.

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