Civil vs military establishment: Pakistan cannot afford political adventure

There is smell of gunpowder, echoes of election rigging claims and slogan of revolution in the Pakistani air. This gunpowder is mixed from the ongoing North Waziristan Operation, echoes from PTI Chairman Imran Khan public processions and revolution slogans of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Quaid Maulana Tahirul Qadri.
Maulana Qadri’s inqlab (revolution) winds seem weeping in the Monsoon rain spell as the torchbearer of Iqlab, who had claimed that if the rulers disturbed him and tried to sabotage his movement there will be revolution in Pakistan as soon as he would step down from the plane.
However, when he stepped down the plan after 5-hours-long reservation, fears and taking guarantees for his life, his Inqlaq busted into the air. Those who lead a revolution movement and dream of brining out a mass revolution, they do not fear for their life in fact they show their dare, commitment to the cause and selflessness. Such type of Inqlab, Allama sb was dreaming of, would not work in the Pakistani scenario because it seems just like a day dream.
However, Allama is still determined to bring a revolution. Perhaps he is waiting for another Model firing incident like mistake from the PML-N leadership.  PAT lacked any political sound footing but religious support from its own faction. The Party was perhaps looking for the hidden support of military establishment, which it could not get. Thanks to the wise decision on part of our ‘armed forces’.
The political hawks and foxes taking advantage of some change in the political atmosphere of the country jumped into the Qadri Wagon and tired to form an alliance of PTI, Qadri and PML-Q and AML of Sheikh Rasheed. However, they remained unable to forge current and get green signal from the establishment. Now they have set eyes to the August 14 Million Man March call of Imran Khan and internal politics of PML-N. 
The recent political unrest started in the country after differences emerged between the ruling PML-N leadership with the military establishment on ISI-Geo issue and related development. The Nwaz government tried to help resuce the media group however; the military establishment had given a clear message to the civil establishment. This difference between the civil and military establishment was taken as an advantage by PTI leadership and Imran Khan started intensifying pressure on the government on the issue of election rigging. PTI remained successful in organising big gathering in Islamabad, Faisalabed, Sialkot and Bahawalpur.
Model town police killings of PAT workers and Gullu Butt action further added fuel to the anti PML-N political heat. Apparently it was being considered that the military establishment was supporting Imran and Qadri following their difference with the civil establishment of Pakistan. Allam Tahirul Qadri Plane episode was the deciding factor because when he categorically called for the Corps Commander for his support, the military establishment stayed itself at a distance and didn’t give green signal to Allama sb. It was once again a wise decision on part of military establishment and also proved good for PML-N because their representative Punjab Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar became the guarantor and he succeeded in ending the plan drama episode.
Apparently PML-Q has failed to cash the situation in their favour. However, now PML-Q, PTI, AML, MQM and PAT have set their eye on the post Ramazan political scene of the country when Imran will be playing his hard stroke while showing his all cards. “Many veteran politicians who were out of the scene have become active. Former commerce minister Humayun Akhtar Khan hosted an iftar dinner for senior journalists at his residence. The participants were of the opinion that August-September-October were very important for the national politics.”
PPP stance is very clear as the party leadership has categorically stated that they would not support any undemocratic move in the country. This is very mature and clear headed decision on party of the PPP leadership which should be appreciated. Pakistan at the moment cannot bear any adventure. The continuation of the democratic process is very necessary for the growth of the country. This is crystal clear that silence of the military establishment and its difference with the PML-N in the recent past is being taken differently by some other parties. All stakeholders must keep in mind that Pakistan is at war with terrorists and extremist powers. Other than it we are facing internal and external challenges. Pakistan cannot afford any adventure or misadventure.
PML-N government also need to take corrective measures. First of all impartial inquiry of the model firing issue and punishment of those responsible should be ensured. Secondly, Imran’s demand of recounting in four constituencies should be addressed properly though the election commission and NADRA. It would further strengthen PML-N if the party decides to get resignations form its winners in the said four consistencies and announce re-election there. However, if not so daring at least PML-N must address PTI’s demand in a befitting manner. Thirdly there should be zero tolerance for nepotism and corruption. There is a general perception of dictatorial style of the Sharifs. The democratically elected government must exercise and reflect democracy in its decision this would not only forge unity among PML-N ranks but also in the country.

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