Nawaz regime has become unpopular: Gilani

LAHORE: Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said on Thursday that the Nawaz government had lost popularity among masses and every policy of the PML-N was taking it away from the masses.
Talking exclusively to the Media Times on Tuesday, PPP senior vice chairman strongly criticised the regime, saying its policies were not people friendly and increased miseries in day-to-day lives of the general masses. He said, “The PML-N made promises to the masses to end their problems in a short span of time but every passing day proved their failure of serving the masses.”
A strong opponent of imposing the Article 245 of the constitution in Islamabad, Yousaf Gillani said, “The PML-N government did not impose this section of the constitution where it was needed and that it would not serve any good where it is imposed.”
Talking about the PTI long march he said that it was part of the democratic system that the opposition parties adopt the ways of expressing their point of view. “In the past, PM Nawaz Sharif was himself the supporter of anti-government long marches against the PPP led government wearing black attire to reach the courts. PM Nawaz Sharif should honour the democratic norms and adopt a positive means to tackle the political opposition.”
While referring to his tenure Gilani said that he followed the constitution, honoured the Charter of Democracy (CoD), and faced the opposition in a political manner, further to strengthen the democratic institutions. He was of the view that the regime was putting curbs on the right of expression, which could be detrimental to democracy. He said that the right of expression with free will must be watched.

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