Let me return home: Altaf

* MQM chief seeks party workers, permission for homecoming * Charged workers vow to protect Altaf

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Thursday urged his party workers to allow him to return home.
In a telephonic address to the General Workers Meeting, the MQM chief said, “I will eliminate the land mafia from Karachi. And if you allow me to stay for six months I will change entire Pakistan.” He said he would eliminate sectarianism and get rid of the Taliban terrorists on his return. He said he would also clean up all provinces from terrorism. Charged workers appealed to Altaf to return home. “Bhai, you come to Pakistan, we would protect you,” a female worker said. Another worker said, “Bhai please come back. We would not let anyone harm you.”
Criticising the party office-bearers and workers, he said he was blamed for their wrongdoings. “You were handed over the responsibilities after instructions that you would not misuse powers,” he said. 
Altaf accused the MQM office-bearers of making the decisions on their own with personal liking and disliking. He said plots were being distributed in different areas of Karachi.
The MQM chief said the party should find a person who could handle the matters of Rabita Committee. 
“Relieve me as I cannot lead the movement further,” he said. 
On the occasion, the party workers told him that they would not accept anybody else, but him. “Only Altaf, only Altaf,” they shouted. He said he had never hidden anything from his workers. He said he was living abroad for the last 23 years. He said he was penalised for things he never committed. Altaf said changes were brought in Rabita Committee again and again and Karachi Tanzeemi Committee was also changed on various occasions, he added. 
“Make new Rabita Committee, choose a new leader, let me take out some time to take care of my health,” he said. “For the last many days I could not sleep properly or take meals on time.” He urged the Rabita Committee members to come out of their cages. He also announced to cancel leaves of all office-bearers. He said the MQM parliamentarian did not contribute to the shuhada fund (martyrs’ fund).
He said he could have taken strict action against office-bearers but he thought to consult the party workers first.
He said Rabita Committee comes after workers in terms of respect. He asked workers to abolish Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC). After asking the workers, he announced that there would be no KTC next Thursday. “I give you one week to improve your performance,” he asked the office-bearers. He said honest people would be selected as members of Rabita Committee. He said he was patriot and wanted to see a better and prosperous Pakistan. “I was born for nation and would die for nation,” he added. 
“In 1992, military operation was conducted against the MQM. Workers were tortured. We were blamed for being agents of RAW. The then government officials kept lying regarding Karachi operation,” Altaf said. 
He said he might face anything in Britain, but he would reveal the truth. The MQM chief said he would not bow to anyone except God.
On current political scenario, he was of the view that it seemed there was no law prevailing in the country. 
“Military and government are sitting tight-lipped. If I had been in the army then I would have come out with my companions to save the country.” He said the country had to face around Rs 1,000 billion losses due to the political impasse. He said the postponement of Chinese president’s tour to Pakistan was also disappointing.
He said, “If we can make sacrifices for the independence of Pakistan, then we can also sacrifice for new Pakistan.” He said he could sacrifice his life for the country.

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