''Let us sit together and talk,'' govt to PTI

ISLAMABAD - The government on Tuesday called upon Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) to amicably resolve contentious issues and avoid confrontation at a time when the armed forces were busy in war against terrorism.

The offer came through Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq during his speech in National Assembly on imposition on article 245 of the Constitution in Islamabad.

"Let PTI postpone the March. Let us sit together. Let us talk of the issue and resolve it," Saad Rafiq said as he categorically stated that article 245 had not been imposed due to PTI March.

"You are a large party and should not be swayed by half seaters and single seaters. Let us not fight and let us not harm democracy," he added.

"If you do not like to talk to us directly, come through anybody either leader of the opposition or any other party in the House," he said. "The situation is serious and our country cannot afford confrontation. Be aware that you will topple our government, it is not guaranteed that next government will be yours."

He said if the PTI, as stated, had been waiting for 15 months, it should have waited for two more months or till the war against terrorism reached culmination.

The minister clearly stated that the government was inclined to scuffle with PTI. "We shall try to work out differences and thwart the endeavors of cronies of dictators. If you advocate dialogue with the militants then why cannot you sit with the government, this is the most prestigious House, let us resolve the issue here."

Discussing the issue of re-opening four National Assembly constituencies, he said, in one constituency PML-N is on third number, the matter of two constituencies is under trial at Election Tribunals. "But it is regrettable that PTI on one side becomes part of the court proceedings and on the other hand criticizes the courts."

He said if PTI wins in KPK, PPP in Sindh and Nationalists in Balochistan, then the election is fair but if PML-N wins in Punjab it is charged with the allegation of rigging even when the organizations with credibility have declared the 2013 election were fairer than previous elections.

Calling upon Imran Khan to manifest maturity in his statements, the minister said, it is not time for confrontation. "The situation is serious and any confrontation will harm democracy. If democracy is derailed, then we both will be responsible for it. Let us avoid such a situation."


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