‘Some forces want Chinese president’s visit cancelled’

LAHORE: Some forces want the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan to be cancelled, Pakistan Ulema Council [PUC] Central Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said on Wednesday.
“In order to ensure that the Chinese president’s visit goes as planned, the government and political leaders should immediately play a role in ending the sit-ins.” Ashrafi said. He said that the Russian president’s visit was cancelled due to anti-Pakistani powers in the past. Now the same powers want the Chinese president’s visit to be cancelled as well. However, the Pakistani nation will not allow these conspiracies to succeed.
He strongly condemned the attacks on the PTV building and parliament, saying that the government should arrest these criminals without being bogged down by any limitations. He said that the prime minister should respect parliament’s resolution and not resign at any cost. 

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