All demands have been accepted: Imran

ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan told his sit-in crowd late Wednesday night that in fresh talks with the government all their demands had been accepted including setting up of judicial commission which would be assisted by a neutral investigation set up. 
“But they are not ready to concede to PM Sharif’s resignation as yet… but we are staying put for an indefinite period here till the PM resigns,” Imran told his crowds from atop his container at the Constitution Avenue.  Khan also warned his party’s non performing MNAs, MPAs and ticket holders who shied away and didn’t perform during the ongoing struggle of long march and sit-in, would be black listed, and deprived from party tickets.   
“The status quo operatives representing a tiny ruling class of five hundred people have united against the oppressed segments of the society… and have captured the resources of the country while, keeping the system hostage,” Imran said. Speaking to the charged workers of PTI in front of Parliament, Imran Khan stated the people of Pakistan were facing poverty, illiteracy and hunger as compared to the ruling elite who were busy in minting money and pampering their personal bank accounts.
Welcoming the Chinese President’s visit to Pakistan in a few days, Imran Khan claimed: “we will give him a historical reception as China and Pakistan enjoyed good relations, and an all time tested friendship since decades”. There would be no blockade on the constitution avenue, he assured, while adding that the Chinese President was our guest in Pakistan. Addressing the protestors, Khan said, “You have performed a marvellous and wonderful job for the betterment of future generations while standing and protesting against the aristocratic and autocratic ways of governance practiced by the incumbent ruling elite sitting on top of rigged parliament”.
“Tiny ruling elite of the country is united against you, the people of Pakistan just to protect their personal vested interests denying the constitutional and democratic right of protest against the corrupt lawmakers,” Khan added. Peaceful protest was the constitutional right of the masses and PTI never demanded anything unconstitutional from the incumbent government as the prime demand of the resignation of the Premier Nawaz Sharif was also constitutional,” Khan maintained. PTI Chief said in real democracy when an inquiry initiated against any public office holder then he has no moral authority to have the position and we believed that incumbent Premier Nawaz Sharif was involved in pre-planned poll rigging and match fixing during last general elections of 2013.
 Quoting the victory speech delivered by Nawaz Sharif on elections day in May 2013, Imran Khan raised a question that the voters were sitting in their houses and Nawaz Sharif was asking and seeking majority in polls at 11:23 pm when only 15 per cent of the results were announced. Khan said Nawaz Sharif has the quality and capacity to purchase the people as he did during last elections and alleged that his track record states that he always used police as a political tool against his rivals’ victimization.
 Khan claimed the Returning officers (ROs) were the addressee of the speech and they performed illegal task for him while closing the system installed by UNDP and restraining the announcement of results of the polling stations besides keeping the candidates out of the premises when the ballots counting was in process.
“The division is clear now among the political parties, one favouring justice and democracy standing on the one end and the parties believing in exploitation and oppression fighting against the positive change to maintain the status quo,” Khan said. PTI was itself suffering the division as the opportunists were hesitating to follow the party policy and made it clear that “Kaptan is fully aware with the situation within the party” Imran Khan declared. Khan warned his party lawmakers to perform well otherwise no party tickets would be issued to them in future elections.

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