KP Police amend efficiency rules

* KP IG says amendments would have positive impact on police

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police have amended what they called “outdated” efficiency and disciplinary rules to strengthen hands of senior officers to handle undisciplined cops.
“The erstwhile Efficiency and Discipline Rules 1975 were a big impediment in effective supervision within the force as they did not provide the field commanders such as the DPOs and SDPOs with any effective powers to punish their under command,” a statement from KP Inspector General (IG) Nasir Khan Durrani read on Tuesday.
According to the statement, the IG said administration was “predicated upon the ability to punish and reward and it is impossible to actually command a disciplined force without having these requisites”.
The amendments would definitely have a positive impact on the KP police, he said.
Prior to the recently introduced amendments, a district police officer was unable to punish inspector-rank officials. Likewise, an SDPO had no powers to punish any subordinate. The situation had rendered the office of SDPO ineffective and the DPOs were found reluctant to post inspectors as station house officers. 
Likewise, the RPOs had no means to discipline the SDPOs as the powers to punish a BPS-17 official rested solely with the police chief. 
“Needless to say, this state of affairs was adversely affecting the process of supervision and discipline within the force,” the statement said.
The amendments also include a number of checks specifically incorporated to prevent the abuse of power by the officers. The checks included the provision of second appeal for all the aggrieved officials who previously had no such opportunity. 
In order to check exploitation of the officials by the senior command and to discourage favouritism and nepotism in award of punishments, the new law also empowered the appellate authority to take suo motu notice of any irregularity committed by the punishing authority and to revise the original orders. 

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