Joint parliamentary session today to display unity

ISLAMABAD: In the ongoing boiling political situation of the country, a joint sitting of parliament will be held today (Tuesday), which is believed to be a significant development to counter the perceived anti-democratic forces.
Although the National Assembly and Senate in their separate sittings spoke at length against the protesting parties Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), which have been staging a sit-in at the constitutional avenue with the storming of state institutions. The joint sitting’s proposal basically came from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to give a strong message to anti-democratic forces that parliament is unanimous in its resolve to safeguard the democratic system.
National Assembly and Senate separately adopted pro-democracy resolutions in their sittings, but the government also wanted to get a similar one from the joint sitting to give a strong message in one voice to the threats being hurled at the system. The top parliamentary leadership of all the parties will attend the joint sitting of the parliament and it would first time that all the top leadership would speak jointly in one house.
Parliamentary sources believed that the move is significant one in the current situation and would show the resolve of the parliament jointly that all the democratic forces are on same page for the protection of system. 
About any resolution in the joint sitting of parliament, sources said that so far the assembly secretariat have not received any information about moving a resolution on any pretext so far. Sources, however said that tabling a resolution in the joint sitting can be done during the proceedings and if government is planning to move a resolution that would only surface when the joint sitting would be in session.
The joint session will hold its sitting for one week, that is extra ordinary as joint sitting meets for one or two days usually. However it can stretch its sittings for a long period like the one held after USA marines attack at Abbottabad compound few years back to hunt down Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Chief. 
The government side, on the hand rejected some media reports that resolutions to sack Army Chief and DG ISI would be tabled in the joint sitting. Defence Minister Khawja Asif categorically denied any such proposal saying nothing of this sort came under consideration what to talk about the approval of resolution from the joint session in this regard.

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