Imran says never needed crutches in political career

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday categorically reiterated that in his 18 years struggle for justice and democracy he has never needed any crutches to bolster him politically. 
Khan said “I have always stood by his principles of fighting for real democracy and the rights of the ordinary people of Pakistan regardless of caste or creed”. He also claimed that he neither need to nor would seek to approach the military for political gains. Addressing to the charged workers in front of Cabinet Division Imran Khan claimed that he would never accept any undemocratic action or intervention. About Javed Hashmi statement, Khan also claimed there is no truth about the new CJ is a figment of his imagination. He said it was unfortunate that Hashmi has chosen to try and malign him in a baseless fashion for his own questionable agenda. Khan said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has no moral authority to rule the country and demanded his resignation till the transparent investigations of the rigging and match fixing observed during general election of 2013. The PTI Chief also said no democracy of the world allows the killing of peaceful protestors as it is the constitutional right of the people to stage protest demonstration against any oppression practiced by the rulers. 
About entering of some people in PTV building, the PTI chief claimed that they were not the workers of PTI. He also claimed that he had told the army chief that sit-in protest would continue till the resignation of PM Nawaz Sharif. He assured the supporters that the PTI government will reform the country into a welfare state, which will deliver equal right to everyone. Responding to the allegations of Javed Hashmi, the PTI claimed that there is no truth. However, he said the PTI is adopting the Party’s Constitutional path by issuing him a show cause notice. If Hashmi thought the PTI was linked to the army then he should have immediately resigned. The fact is that there was no such talk in any meeting nor is there any such covert agenda, he maintained. 
Imran Khan claimed that he had already decided to come out on road for protest if the party failed to get justice over rigging in general election 2013. “Our protest has been peaceful, democratic and constitutional”. He claimed that PTI is a Democratic Party and all party decisions are openly discussed in the core committee. 

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