Fazl demands treason case against Imran, Qadri like Sufi Muhammad

JUI-F chief asks govt to cleanse capital of undemocratic filth; asks Nawaz Sahrif not to resign as prime minister

ISLAMABAD – Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F chief Fazlur Rehman on Tuesday categorically stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should not resign and continue to representing the parliament and will of people.

“It is not the matter of Nawaz Sharif but an elected prime minister. His position cannot be dissociated from the parliament and constitution. He will remain the prime minister and will neither resign nor proceed on leave but to continue representing the parliament,” he said while speaking at the joint sitting of the parliament held to discuss political situation in Pakistan.

Fazl said that their (protesters’) demand may be justified but was not constitutional. “We cannot understand justification of this demand because those demanding resignation on basis of rigging in Punjab are happily governing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province,” he said. Even today, the protesting party was running the provincial government but demanding resignation from others, he added.

The JUI-F leader said what the meaning of 30 days leave or resignation was? “What change it will bring in the situation except satisfaction of the ego of protesters,” he said. He said that the protesters have attacked the parliament and other state institutions and the government was being asked to express restraint. “We respect our institutions but why to have double standards,” he said.

“Why we take to task one segment on not accepting the constitution and ask for restraint when other segment disowns the constitution and storms the parliament,” he said. Fazl said the unity among the elected parties and political leadership has thwarted the conspiracy against democracy, hatched by these protesters. Now, it was responsibility of the government to cleanse Islamabad from this undemocratic filth, he said.

The JUI-F leader also said when rulers commit mistakes and opposition takes stubborn stance, this situation paves way for undemocratic forces. “It is responsibility of opposition to point out mistakes of the government and guide it,” he said. But the present situation also demands from the parties to send clear messages to either side, he said. He said that threatening the state and storming its institutions through unruly mobs was a glaring example of mutiny.

He said that this situation was worrisome for Pakistan and the nation because number of political and diplomatic activities has been postponed as he specifically mentioned to upcoming visit of the Chinese president to Pakistan which is too important for the country. Fazl also drew attention of the National Assembly speaker towards delay in acceptance of resignations by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members.

“Why their resignations are not being accepted. Under what law you are withholding their resignations. If anybody does not own his resignation, it is fine. But, why those are not being accepted which were tendered physically by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members,” the JUI-F chief said. He said PTI Chairman Imran Khan who used objectionable language against the speaker and they should be treated accordingly.

The JUI-F chief also condemned immorality and unethical activities at the protests and questioned were they trying to promote western civilization in Islamabad. “It seems that they are western agents. They are trampling down the respect of daughters of nation and must be held accountable,” he said. He said if a treason case can be registered against Sufi Muhammad for not accepting democracy and constitution, then why a treason case cannot be filed against these two leaders who were speaking against democracy, the parliament and the constitution.

He said the government has agreed to register case in Model Town incident but they demand an FIR as they desire and the proceedings as they desire. “Their demands are illogical and keep changing every day,” he said. Fazl demanded that this impression must end that they were backed by somebody very powerful. “They should know that their plan to derail democracy has failed,” he said.

“Now they should have moral courage to admit their political death,” he said. He congratulated the national leadership for standing guard to protect the parliament and the constitution and said it was duty of the opposition to confront with wrong doing of the government. “We confronted Nawaz government in the past and confront again if they will commit follies,” he said.

“But we owe collective responsibility to protect democracy, the parliament and the constitutions,” the JUI-F leader said.

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