‘Ignored’ Fazl reiterates ‘support’ to govt

ISLAMABAD: In an apparently desperate attempt to draw the federal government’s attention after being notably ignored, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Fazalur Rehman on Thursday assured his party would back the PML-N-led government through thick and thin.
“We are here to back Nawaz Sharif’s government. No matter how critical the crisis, we will support Nawaz Sharif’s party to ensure democracy prevails,” Fazalur Rehman said. Talking to media persons Fazl said his party and millions of Pakistanis would not accept any foreign agenda in Pakistan. He vowed to expose “all those working on foreign agenda” to destabilise Pakistan.
“We can not accept imposition of foreign agenda in Pakistan. Together with other political parties, especially the PML-N, we will do everything to save both democracy and Pakistan,” Fazl said. To a question, he said fighting in FATA must be stopped as it was proving counterproductive. “Fighting in FATA and tribal areas of Pakistan has so for proved lethal for Pakistan. Objectives cannot be achieved through fighting. The government should revisit its policy in this regards,” he said.
When asked how could the government restore peace in the tribal areas, the JUI-F chief said only the jirga system can ensure peace in FATA. “It is sad to observe that the government has discouraged jirga system in FATA and other tribal areas. We strongly believe that only jirga system can bring peace to these areas,” he said. 

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