Appointment of CEC: PM seeks names from opposition leader

* Khursheed Shah says he will send nominations to prime minister in a week after consultation within the party and with other opposition parties

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sought names from the leader of opposition in National Assembly for the appointment of the chief election commissioner (CEC).Khursheed Shah made this disclosure when he talked to media persons in the Parliament House on Tuesday and said that he would send the names for this key post to the prime minister in one week, adding that decision would be made with consensus. Under Article 213 of the constitution, the prime minister in consultation with the leader of the opposition in National Assembly will forward three names to a parliamentary committee for consideration for appointment of the CEC.The parliamentary committee to be constituted by the NA speaker will have equal number of members from the treasury and opposition benches, which are to be nominated by the respective parliamentary leaders, based on their strength in parliament. In case there is no consensus between the two, each will forward separate lists to the committee for consideration, which may confirm anyone’s name. The total strength of the parliamentary committee will be 12, out of which one-third will be from the Senate.Khursheed Shah said he talked to Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf over the CEC’s appointment when he met him the other day along with Sindh chief minister. A week ago Khursheed forwarded a letter to the prime minister for initiating the process immediately to allay the concerns of the political parties on this issue. Shah told the media that the name from his side would be forwarded to the prime minister after consultation with the party leadership as well as with the other opposition parties. He also called upon the government to propose the candidates from his side for CEC’s appointment as soon as possible to dispose off this matter on urgent basis.Khursheed Shah also said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sought nominations for the CEC, but the decision would be taken with consensus. He said that he would seek advice from his own party leadership and other opposition parties in parliament before replying to the prime minister.

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