Tribal jirga backs talks with Taliban; calls for extension in ceasefire

JI-led jirga appreciates efforts of negotiators; demands political, democratic and economic reforms in FATA

PESHAWAR – A tribal peace jirga organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami here on Thursday overwhelmingly supported the ongoing negotiations with Taliban, called for an extension in ceasefire and appealed to both the sides to remove hurdles blocking peace process.

The jirga appreciated the efforts of both the government and Taliban’s negotiating committees. The jirga demanded political, democratic, economic and educational reforms in FATA to bring the tribal people at par with the people of rest of the country.

Addressing jirga, Jamaat-e-Islami leader Siraj-ul-Haq said they want justice and parity in Pakistan as only society based on justice and equity can survive in the world. He said common people were patriot and they were ready to render sacrifices to defend the motherland.

Head of Taliban’s dialogue committee Samiul Haq said all tribal elders fully support peace talks. He said all the people would have to gather at single platform to achieve lasting peace. Another member of committee Professor Muhammad Ibrahim appealed the government, Tehrik-i-Taliban, and the army for making dialogue process successful.

He asked the parties for ceasefire in respect of the sacred month. He said if the Islamic articles of the constitution were implemented, they give assurance that Taliban would accept the constitution. “We arranged a meeting between government committee and Taliban shura in which process of confidence building began,” he added.

Ibrahim said the judiciary was a major part of the constitution. However, the people of FATA were deprived of its benefits, he said. According to the statement issued here, the tribal jirga fully endorsed the resolutions approved by the parliament.


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