National Assembly hails Musharraf’s indictment

* Defence minister suggests trying those who supported the former dictator impose emergency on November 3, 2007

ISLAMABAD: In one tone, lawmakers from across the party lines in the National Assembly dubbed Monday, the day of indictment of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in the high treason case, as a “glorious day” in the history of the country, saying the government rejected all the impressions of “pressure” to give him an exit for a foreign destination.
When the National Assembly reassembled after the weekend break, the government did not waste a single moment to suspend the question-hour and calling attention notice to allow the members speak loud and clear on the latest development which they believed has been long cherished by the pro-democracy elements for rule of law and supremacy of the constitution.
Khawja Asif, Defence Minister was sounded emotional while speaking on the indictment of Musharraf and even suggested to try those who supported and voted Musharraf for November 03 emergency adventure. “Today we crossed a threshold that we seemed to be a dream. We leapt forward toward the goal of strengthening of democracy.” Asif remarked and gave credit to judiciary as well as executive which both did this task. He rejected the reports of pressures on the government for safe exist to Musharraf to visit his ailing mother and offered him the facility of air ambulance to bring her back in the country by promising better medical treatment.
Minister didn’t spare the former aides of Musharraf who are now part of all the political parties in the assembly including his own PML-N and branded them “Malshiay (Massagers). “They used to say that Nawaz would not come back. The time has shown that Nawaz is back and Musharraf is behind the bars”, Khawaja stated. He believed that radical change has been come in the mindset of the Army and warned that any military adventure in future would be tantamount to breakup of Pakistan.
Veteran Politician and Chief Pakhtunkhwa Awami Milli Party (PKMAP) Mahmood Khan Ackhakzai in his bold and categorical fashion termed the indictment “defining moment” in the history of the country where first time an violator of the constitution has been indicted. He emphatically called for “symbolic punishment” to Musharraf if he is forgiven and felt that he is not against Musharraf but he is speaking out of love for democracy and supremacy of constitution.
 “I love armed forces. But they should have to review their conduct and swallow the bitter pill that constitution is supreme and every institution is subservient to it”, Ackhazai added. PPP’s Sattar Bachani also added voice to the appreciation for indicting Musharraf and urged that it should not be limited to him but condemnation should also extend to 1977 military coup. He proposed for inserted an amendment in the constitution to debar anyone from running elected office who supported any violator of the constitution.
Dr. Arif Alvi of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also welcomed the indictment of Musharraf and noted that biggest crime of Musharraf is injustices with Balochistan which distanced the province from Islamabad. MQM’s Asif Hasnian, however called for starting the process against violators of the constitution from the past and one military dictator should not be singled out in this regard.
Apart from Musharraf indictment, the PPP and PTI again blew up the issue of 1.50 billion dollar grant what they added from Saudi Arabia and asked the government why it is hesitant to take the name of the country on the floor of the house rather than mentioning simply “friendly county. PPP’s Dr. Nafisa Shah showed concern over the continuous ambiguity over 1.50 billion dollar and disclosed Jahadis are being sent to Syria which she believed is dangerous sign. She pointed out that division is being created deliberately by singling out one province Sindh, one political party PPP, one sect, minorities and liberal voices with extremists targeting them. On threats to Bilawal Bhutto, he said that action speaks louder than the words and Punjab government should take action against banned outfits to prove its sincerity. Arif Alvi also supported PPP on threats to Bilawal and believed that any harm to him would be disastrous for the country. 

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