Senior citizens  


Sir: The population of senior citizens in Pakistan has been increasing day by day. Within a few years, it may reach 15 percent of the total population.

There are no facilities for senior citizens in public and private institutions, such as the Nadra office, banks’ pension counters, and passport offices. We see long queues of elderly people where they have to wait all day in hot temperature and uncovered buildings.

The developed west has addressed this problem according to its cultural and social needs.

Pakistan’s senior citizens have already completed their journey well by serving the nation. Now it is the responsibility of the government and society to treat them with respect and dignity and give them a quality life.

The government must give discount to senior citizens for bus, railway and air travel, apart from free monthly checkups in all private hospitals. There should be a separate counter for senior citizens in banks, Nadra offices and other government sector offices.

Abdul Rehman