Police Order 2002  


Sir: In 2002 retired General Pervez Musharraf, as chief executive of the country, issued an executive order called the Police Order 2002 to reform the police department. It was a wise and commendable step towards a civilised state.

The first paragraph of this order is as follows: “Whereas the police are an obligation and due to the function according to the constitution, law, and democratic inspiration of the people and whereas such functioning of the police requires it to be professional service-oriented and accountable to the people...”

Another section of this order is as follows: “... behave with the member of the public with due decorum and courtesy...”

Now after 12 years of the promulgation of this law, no major change has taken place in police performance. A large number of complaints about inhuman attitude of the police towards the public still appear in newspapers.

Human rights organisations are also raising their voice against police excesses, illegal means of interrogation and prosecution. It is thus not only a legal but also a moral duty of senior police authorities to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Police Order 2002 in letter and spirit so that Pakistan could become a real civilised and democratic state and its image could be improved at the international level.

Naeem Khan Qaisrani