Just what is Pakistani justice?

Just what is Pakistani justice?

Sir: What is Pakistani justice? It is the warm, tranquil flow of scarlet blood soaking onto a dirt road. It is the broken scream of a wife and mother. It is the tears of a child watching the sun grow pungent and low, waiting for the soft hug of a father who will never come home. It is cold and it is barren. It is selfish. And even as the government claims that the murder of Ahmedi Muslims is not encouraged, it is also not condemned. Deny as they may their involvement in this persecution, the Pakistani government allows inhumanity to thrive and proliferate. The children and families of those who were martyred in Lahore in 2010 ask, “Have the bad guys been caught?” Little do they know, the Pakistani police force will stand idle.

The family and friends of Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar wonder if future sectarian murders will be squandered. Little do they know the blood of innocent people means nothing to Pakistan. The Ahmedi community asks, “When will there be justice?” Little do they know Pakistan takes their peaceful rebellion as ignorance. If persecution and pain is not what Pakistan stands for, then what is Pakistani justice?