Confusion galore  


Sir: One fails to comprehend whether it is a travesty of the rule of law or adherence when the accused themselves assume the role of watchdogs, complainants, investigators and adjudicators.

A new trend has emerged according to which everyone — politicians, bureaucrats, business tycoons, lawyers, intellectuals and scholars — presume themselves to be the symbol of goodness and treat others as corrupt and wicked, simultaneously proclaiming no one is above the law. In the meantime, the accused takes advantage of the legal maxim — unless proven guilty, no one can be dubbed criminal.

And according to another newly-fabricated perception, a person is being called upon to prove his innocence. These contradictory and self-serving arguments have made things more confused and ambiguous. The common man is at a loss to understand what and who is right and what he should do.

It is time the Supreme Court, being the final arbiter of Constitution, took suo motu notice and interpreted and defined these legal intricacies and laid down guidance for the confused and directionless nation.

Raja Shafaatullah