What is wrong with pedagogy in Pakistan?

Sir: Pedagogy (the art of teaching) is not something that the education sector of Pakistan embraces happily or at all. Most of the teachers are unaware of it and those who know do not follow it because no one else seems to understand it. In reality, it is the science of teaching — enabling the teachers to impart education to their students in an effective, insightful and practical manner. Where teaching seeks to educate, pedagogy facilitates the teachers in bringing excitement, thoughtfulness and curiosity in their lectures. Applied correctly, pedagogy has the power to bring students to their classrooms, broadens their mental horizon, and simplify learning. Pedagogy makes teachers understand the concept of learning, which itself assists the teaching process.
In Pakistan, teachers do not follow any method of teaching and simply follow others’ footstep. There are reasons for this imitation. First, the teachers do not receive proper training and remain unaware of how to teach. Second, those who receive training couldn’t learn much as their trainers themselves had been unaware of the new teaching methods. Third, teachers do not teach to broaden the mental horizon of their students, they teach simply to earn more.
There is a need for a governing body to train school teachers especially. Students learn the basics at school and if teachers are equipped with the appropriate course material and learning technique, they will impart relevant information and knowledge to the students. Unfortunately in Pakistan, students do not know what they are learning and what they must study, because the teachers themselves are unaware of how and what to teach.
Teaching a course in its right context is essential. Moreover, showing the students the course content instead of verbally discussing the topic creates more relevance.
Pedagogy also includes the use of multimedia (audio and visual aids) to facilitate learning. Instead of just delivering lectures, teachers could show documentaries related to the subject. Teachers do use multimedia at the university level but in schools it is still considered an avoidable luxury.
Teaching is a two way process, therefore teachers should make teaching interactive and motivate the students to take part in discussions. This develops the habit of thinking in students.
In Pakistan, instead of making students learn through participation, teachers impose themselves on students and force them to learn, usually through rote learning.
Pedagogy in Pakistan will become successful when teachers will teach in a way as if they are students themselves.

Muhammad Omar Iftikhar