Students await help

Sir: Apparently there are two reasons why a student cannot chase his dream for education: lack of educational institutions and severe economic hardships. Unfortunately, the Baloch students are facing both of these problems simultaneously. Anyone who knows even a little about Balochistan and the plight of its people can understand my arguments without any effort.
There is a complete dearth of well-equipped educational institutions in Balochistan because of which students go to other provinces for better and higher studies. But this is not usually the end of their troubles. In fact their problems start as soon they set foot out of the province. Hefty tuition fees and high cost of living at times make it difficult for these students to fulfil their dream.
The students of Awaran are the worst hit by the government’s callous and indifferent attitude towards education in Balochistan.
Chief Minister Balochistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, calls himself a great promoter of education. It is high time for him to put his words into action by issuing the promised special package to the students of Awaran the government made during the recent earthquake. The students of Awaran are desperately waiting for help.

Niaz Betab