DailyTimes | Attention to duty?

Sir: With reference to the recent activities of various political parties, I think Pakistan needs a sound political system. In recent days, all the news channels were flooded with the news of Tahirul Qadri’s revival and Imran Khan’s protest against election rigging. The elections are over, the result has been declared and a sound political government has been formed. Now, instead of creating chaos and protesting, it is better that all the political parties stop protesting and try to meet on common ground to resolve various major issues.
There is so much going on in this country and so much hype created amongst the people, that it would be better if their energy were utilised for a constructive purpose. These politicians are interested in their dirty political games. Pakistan has long since been deprived of a good and far-sighted political leader. Our politicians should be duty minded and loyal towards their country.