Helpless and stranded Pakistanis

Helpless and stranded Pakistanis

Sir: As a foreigner who has visited and loved Pakistan, I feel nothing but sorrow for the wonderful people who live in that land. They are kind, hospitable and always optimistic. However, the pitiful leadership that always seems to govern them and the death and destruction brought by wanton extremism in the country have rendered the Pakistani people helpless and isolated. They face extensive hassles when they wish to travel and now there is the ominous threat of complete travel bans upon them because of the state’s inability to tackle the spread of the polio virus because of the extremists.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that Pakistan faces the possibility of being made a pariah state because of the polio virus. This is just so sad. Imagine what the so many resourceful Pakistanis can achieve if they are just allowed to expand their reach and travel for inspiration to places that are developed and advanced. I feel for them very, very much.