Tragedy in Gujranwala

Sir: I feel immense sorrow and utter helplessness at the horrific killing of three Ahmedis in Gujranwala. That those mercilessly set ablaze included a 55-year-old woman, two young girls and an unborn infant is heart-wrenching. I am, like many others, left with a lot of unanswered questions. Was the alleged blasphemy greater than the sanctity of the holy month of Ramzan? Where was the police? Did the perpetrators manage to achieve their peace by this violent act in the name of Islam? Is it not hypocrisy on the part of Pakistan to condemn mayhem in Gaza but stay silent when Ahmedis, Shias and Christians are persecuted?
Whether persecution happens in Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world, it is equally deplorable and should be condemned. It seems that there is no humanity left in the land of the pure, stained with a lot of blood. The future of Pakistan will continue to remain bleak unless Jinnah’s secular vision of August 11, 1947 is implemented and the rights of minorities are safeguarded.



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