Reviving PIA

Sir: I have been following the revival of PIA for a number of years and with 38 years of corporate aviation experience, I would like to make the following submissions.
Richard Branson and Tony Fernandez are recent success stories in modern aviation history. They had the vision and a dream when they started their airlines. In the case of Air Asia, Tony Fernandez acquired this airline with a debt of approximately $ 11 million by paying only one Malaysian ringgit for the entire airline in 2004.
This airline had debt and only two Boeing 737 aircraft. Today it has 200 aircraft with a large fleet of 268 aircraft on order. Industry leaders are born, not bred. There is a big difference in seeing and visualizing.
We have a low literacy rate therefore our educated and skilled employees of PIA are a major asset, who need to be retained and retrained. The size of our airworthy fleet is only 24 aircraft, which is completely out of ratio to the size of our market requirement.
The remedy to get PIA out of this messy state of affairs is to raise the fleet mix to 60 aircraft by December 2014 and complete this phase by December 2015, which will result in achieving 12 million passengers and reflect in the balance sheet of December 2016.
The acquisition of 60 aircraft by Dec 2014 should be followed by the second phase starting January 2015 to raise the fleet to a minimum of 125 aircraft.
Pakistan will have sufficient space for 250 aircraft by this time. This idea, no matter how utopian, is really doable.
So wake up Pakistan and let’s get started towards our first landmark. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Syed JAved Iqbal

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