Beggars and terrorism

Sir: Karachi has been suddenly inundated by a huge number of beggars. There was a time when it was difficult to find a Pakhtun beggar, but now after Talibanisation in the northwestern areas, people who fled those areas ended up in Karachi.
Some of them have resorted to begging for a living. I wonder why the authorities have turned a blind eye to this problem. What motivates people to beg rather than try to acquire a living through labour and hard work?
Why should Karachi be a destination for all such evils? Karachi is also plagued by a high rate of street crime. All slums in the city host people who either resort to crime or begging. If there is a slum near your house, you can easily feel the disadvantages more than a few advantages such as the availability of housemaids and people willing to work as peons.
M Khalid Shaikh

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