Supporting Zarb-i-Azb

Sir: One has noticed that with the start of Operation Zarb-i-Azb, a ‘campaign against’ and ‘campaign for’ has been started in the social media as well as in the print and electronic media.
The campaigners seem to be the same ‘old men’ of their respective camps, whom the readers know. Many of them should presumably be on the establishment’s payroll, who are probably duty-bound to project the military side’s point of view.
This might be a routine affair, but the question is whether it is only for the pro-campaigners to defend the operation or should it be the people, the state and the government’s obligation to defend such an operation?
Stop sharing negative propaganda on social websites, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, etc. Instead, support must be garnered from all segments of society.
It is no time for politicians to win politics from corpses of our jawans and officers and the civilian population. Why are the government-run or private TV channels avoiding creating an atmosphere of public mood against the operation, fully and wholeheartedly?
There seems no 1965 or 1971 war-like passion. Instead, the advertisements on channels and various programmes of sort show that the ‘war on terror’ is only for the military to fight; rest of the public, government and society, is to play only the role of an audience.
After fighting a decade-long war, are we still not ready to accept that the country is at war? Then who would win this war and how?

F.Z. Khan