Lahore killings

Sir: After the unfortunate Lahore incident, the Punjab chief minister took the bold step of removing Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah and his secretary Dr Tauqir, in the name of justice.
At the press conference on June 20, Shahbaz Sharif said that he did not want to play politics over the loss of innocent lives in Lahore and hinted towards the May 2007 Karachi killings and asked why no one asked for resignations back then.
The fundamental difference between these two events is that the killings in Karachi, although not justified, were caused by a mob of civilians and the state was accused of inaction and not responding to it.
But in Lahore, the police killed and injured several people. Here the state is being held guilty and, therefore, the onus falls on the PML-N government in Punjab.
What Mr Chief Minister needs to consider is that in case of any road accident the driver of the bus is responsible, not the conductor.
Making the conductor the scapegoat doesn’t mean justice being seen and done, as claimed by Mr Shahbaz. If he is confident that he is not involved in anything behind this tragedy, then he should resign and present himself before the commission to ensure complete justice and fairness.

Mujtaba Sohail Raja