The students keep suffering

Sir: I want to highlight the current issue being faced by Cambridge Board students who are doing their O and A levels. The students work hard to get good grades by burning the midnight oil. Afterwards, they go for the “equivalence certificate” issued by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) so that they can gain admission in Pakistani universities as demanded by most of them. Unfortunately, the students who get the equivalence certificate are punished by the formula that converts their marks. The current formula for conversion of grades to marks is not justified. It means that even if the candidates burn the candle at both ends to achieve an A grade in compulsory subjects, they cannot get more than 90 percent. Secondly, if a student is picking extra subjects they will not be awarded any credit for them in the equivalence certificate. O and A levels are the most competitive examinations that students give in a totally cheating-free environment compared to other local boards. In return the students are punished in the shape of the equivalence certificate. 
The IBCC should review the equivalence formula so that candidates can secure marks purely on their performance.
Pano Akil

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