Without water

Sir: The provision of safe drinking water is a universal and inalienable right of the people. Unfortunately millions of people in Pakistan, particularly in my resource-rich province Sindh, are without clean drinking water. We know the fact that without water, life cannot exist and without clean water it becomes riskier.  
In this backdrop, the misuses of the mighty river Indus and the damage done to it gives a thousand cuts to one’s heart. Christiana Z. Peppard, Assistant Professor of Theology, Science and Ethics at Fordham University, says in her book titled, Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and the Global Water Crisis: “One of the real difficulties in ensuring an appropriate stance towards water is that politicians and business people are not usually oriented towards long-term outcomes. They focus on re-election or on profit/growth. They don’t focus on the integrated functioning of watersheds in the long term. This short-term attention is deleterious, risky, and pernicious to the protection of our most vital resources, like fresh water, upon which the possibility of all life depends.”

Hashim Abro


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