Without water

Sir: We the residents of Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society E-11/1 are facing what seems like the 21st century Karbala, as there is no water supply for the last four days. In this hot weather and with small children in the house, it becomes difficult to survive without water. This has not happened for the first time. For the past few months, the water supply remains suspended continuously for many days. Days go by without a single drop of water. Residents have to go to nearby water filtration plants to fetch water for emergency usage. Meanwhile, piles of dirty laundry and kitchen utensils remain unattended for days.

To add fuel to the fire is the apathy of the concerned authority. When residents go to inquire or complain, all they get is false promises or lame excuses. All they come up with is either that the machinery has gone out of order or the approval from headquarters has not arrived yet. My question is, what type of machinery goes out of order every second day? Why is it not permanently fixed or why the approval from headquarters requires four to five days?
Since Sector E-11 does not come under the Capital Development Authority (CDA), I am not sure to whom I should request to pay attention to this problem or it would be better to say that I should not expect any solution.