Christian Fair’s ballistic ways

Sir: A hard-hitting write-up by American Professor Christine Fair, Ten Fictions that Pakistani Defence Officials Love to Peddle seems to be a thorough attempt to hurt Pakistan and its citizens. Her book is an insult to Pakistan’s 55,000 security forces personnel who had lost their lives in the war against terror, which the country initially fought on behalf of the US. I am not a rich person, but whatever I have I am ready to offer to the professor in return for only one US citizen who I can use as a paid fighter against the Taliban. Will she agree to the bargain?
Can her inference that Pakistan was paid to do what it did for the US justify the sacrifices we have made in the line of duty? How insulting! Another pertinent question that I would like to throw at the esteemed professor is about the amount of money given to Pakistan so far. According to The Economist, Pakistan’s losses in the war against terror during the last one decade have been over the $ one trillion mark. Does the $ 35 million Pakistan has received to date from the US match that loss? 
Despite over 13 years long stay in Afghanistan, the US has been unable to resettle and rehabilitate millions of Afghan refugees who continue to be a burden on Pakistan’s fledgling economy. Now the US is going back and the fear of civil war looms large. The experts are warning of a further influx of more than a million refugees into Pakistan, adding obviously to the country’s troubles. 
I would like to advise Ms Fair to read What Made Christine Fair go ballistic on Pakistan, written by one of her fellow Americans. Or Christopher Walt’s recent article Ten Reasons of Obama’s Failure in Afghanistan. It is my humble request to the professor that if they cannot be healed, at least do not rub salt on our wounds. Stop humiliating us by pointing fingers at our sincerity and honesty. The US has a way to get out of the war by leaving the country and withdrawing its forces while we have no option but to fight the devils out and win the war. 
Marya Mufty

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