Facilitating evening students

Sir: The University Of Karachi is one of the best universities in South Asia. Due to the increasing number of people willing to study there, evening programmes were introduced. It was a good cause worth appreciating but policymakers have neglected the idea of facilitating evening students as per requirements. They pay 90 percent more fees as compared to the morning students.
The biggest issue is the transport system in the university. There is no transport for evening students except the shuttle service, which is almost impossible to catch because its timings are not fixed and, in spite of being scheduled, it stops operations at the last moment. The students end up going on autos that charge too much at night. The other big issue is the lighting system at night. At night, there are no street lights working. Mobile snatching is common due to this reason. Moreover, there are no extracurricular activities for evening students. There should be internal transport system as departments are very far from the main gate. The lighting system should be improved. As evening students are also part of the university, these issues must be solved in order to facilitate them.

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