Why no fuel saving?  


Sir: The federal and provincial governments both have huge fleets of vehicles including all sorts of luxury cars for protocol, ministers and officials (both entitled and otherwise) that consume a huge quantity of fuel every month. It is a bitter fact that the country’s oil requirements result in a heavy oil import bill every year. But it is rather unfortunate that somehow neither a fuel consumption policy is in place nor are any fuel-saving measures being taken at the national and provincial levels to ensure the oil import bill is kept in check to the maximum extent possible. The money saved through adoption of some fuel saving measures by the federal and provincial governments could be utilised for providing better facilities and amenities to the people. As for the fuel saving measures, lately there have been reports in the newspapers about the availability of some fuel saving gadgets in the market that could help reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel in all vehicles both in the public and private sectors. One such innovative technology, according to the claims by its importers and distributors, gives savings up to 25 per cent in fuel consumption and that too without compromising on the mileage one has to undertake daily. The fuel gadget was also reported to be environmentally friendly besides yielding some other benefits as well. Fuel saving even in the ratio of 15 to 20 per cent would certainly save a lot of petrol and diesel consumption by the huge fleets being maintained and operated by the federal and provincial governments. It would be advisable in view of the heavy oil imports of the country to meet its ever-growing domestic requirements that the federal and provincial governments should adopt fuel saving measures not only for their own vehicles but also to motivate public sector motorists to use innovative foreign technology based and tested fuel saving gadgets for savings up to 15 to 20 per cent if not 25 per cent in fuel consumption straight away. According to reports, the cost of the fuel saving gadget is not much as compared to the savings and it was returned through lesser fuel consumption in a couple of months.