Need for solar energy

Need for solar energy

Sir: It is evident that gas load shedding thrice a week is halting the lives of many people in the country. The situation in urban areas is grim and requires that instant efforts be utilised to overcome this crisis. There is a dire need for alternatives to traditional household fuels. It is the hour of solar devices like solar cookers and heaters. These devices should be made economically viable, within the reach of low income and middle class people. In this time of energy crisis, region-specific sales and dissemination approaches need to be implemented by the federal government. In low income areas, the government should provide subsidies in order to increase the purchasing power of people to afford solar cookers. In middle level income areas, the government should encourage customers to purchase solar cookers by implementing sales strategies such as payment by installment and perfecting the aftermarket services system.
It is time we utilise resources effectively. 
Many public sector organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) should gear up their efforts in disseminating solar device technology. The role of these organisations should be a step ahead in this looming crisis time. A lot needs to be invested in the budget and efforts need to be made in technology and research in order to maintain a leading role in the solar cooking field. This yearly gas crisis should be reduced to a minimum, thereby contributing towards the improvement of health, environment and economic security of the people.

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