Saying no to plastic scrap  


Sir: When used plastic material, blood bags, sewage pipes, etc, are melted for reuse, they give out extremely hazardous gases including Styrene gas, dioxins, etc, that are easily absorbed in the environment and that we then take inside our body through respiration, affecting our lungs and skin. Research shows that due to recycling of plastic, there is an aggravated risk of heart diseases, respiratory ailments and damage to the nervous system among other effects. Transformed plastic then becomes a major ingredient for making different PVC products that target all age groups like baby-feeders, chew-toys, water bottles, cosmetics, straws, utensils and laboratory equipment through which we swallow all those harmful materials and promote those deadly effects in us. This is an easily preventable issue for the authorities but no one is taking action on it. I request the authorities to keep an eye on this problem and take some steps for banning this hazardous material’s import as well as production and on the individual scale every person must avoid using plastic. Prevention is better than cure.