Karachi Circular Railway  


Sir: The main problem affecting the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project is encroachment on railway land. The newly-elected National and provincial Assembly members must play their role and encourage people to move to the land that is reserved for the affected people. The Sindh government removed encroachments for the Lyari Expressway project so that it could be completed. The Sindh government was also involved in removing encroachments from storm drains like Orangi Nullah, Gujjar Nullah, Lyari River and other areas so that storm drains could return to their original plan and there could be smooth water flow. All encroachments from these projects were removed before the development projects were started. These encroachments were removed only through the efforts of political parties. Therefore these political parties must play their role in removing encroachments from the railway land so that the KCR project can materialise.

The government should work with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) or other foreign firms to finance and lay new tracks and buy new engines. The KCR project is feasible and it could be done through JICA and other agencies.